We are Apparition Media

What do we do? We paint walls.

But what we offer is so much more.

We are an outdoor  advertising agency and art studio that produce high quality hand-painted murals.

Melbourne has long been known as the street art capital of Australia, producing artists who have gained international acclaim and now ply their  trade, worldwide. What we do is create a link between the urban street art culture and companies that want to harness their wares. Our artists are highly skilled in producing murals in a range of styles, from graffiti, to stencils, to highly detailed photorealism. This means that we can accurately replicate existing images or create something unique.

Apparition blurs the lines between advertising and art. By hand painting works of art onto the walls of pre-existing buildings we create advertising that becomes part of the street scape, rather than a piece vinyl hanging from it. We are able to target specific demographics and present your brand in a way that enhances its authenticity and credibility with the urban population. The murals are painted on premium sites throughout the Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs, focusing on areas of high foot traffic and visibility in order to maximise exposure of the campaign. We give the consumer the opportunity to be taken on a journey from inception to completion. Each day following the progress, building intrigue and interest in the process. At times they do not even know they are being advertised to. This medium goes beyond traditional forms of out-of-home advertising.

What we do is paint walls. What we are doing is changing the way people look at them.